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We at Stevens & Company have experienced lawyer who conduct workplace investigations regularly and obtain yearly training on new practices about how to conduct more effective investigations. A good investigation is unbiased, timely, and is conducted in such a structured way that limits any errors. These criteria are considered by the courts if relied upon as reasons for a just cause termination. We ensure our process is fair, fast and reliable.

There are many issues that surface in the workplace that require an independent and unbiased investigation. Investigations can result in discipline or dismissal or reveal changes that need to take place in the organization to avoid litigation.

The following are workplace investigations that we conduct:

Workplace Harassment Complaints

If the incident is serious, the employer requires that an experienced investigator conduct the investigation. If termination is being contemplated we recommend an independent investigator conduct the investigation to ensure unbiased results.

Human Rights Complaints

In our experience employees are more likely to submit a complaint to either the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal or Canadian Human Right Tribunal (depending on jurisdiction) if the employer does not have an internal investigation process or procedures.

If an employee has been discriminated or harassed because of the person's gender, race, age, disability or 12 other personal characteristics an employee has the right to file formal complaint to either administrative tribunal. To avoid this risk, it is critical that you call our team before you begin the process to ensure you take steps that a fair and adequate investigation is conducted.

Investigations into Employee misconduct

We recommend that employers investigate all allegations of employee misconduct before taking any corrective (disciplinary) actions. A fair process provides an employee with an opportunity to respond to the allegations and if relied upon for termination requires a proper investigation.

Investigations into Workplace Accidents

When health and safety incidents arise, often employers don't investigate. In all incidents we recommend that when the employer is notified of a workplace incident it is investigated to understand what has happened and develop a mitigation plan to avoid future incidents and potential claims of discrimination.

Internal or External Investigations

We recommend that you call us to discuss the best strategy for your organization before deciding whether to use an internal investigator or an external investigator.

Internal Investigations

For obvious reasons of costs, most employers prefer to use an internal investigator as opposed to an external investigator. Untrained investigators or investigators tha tare in a conflict of interest often make for a biased or unfair investigation. Our team is available to discuss your investigation and ensure that your investigator has investigation training.

Workplace Investigation Training

We are able to come to your workplace and conduct investigation training with your staff. The cost is $350 plus applicable taxes per person for the day for a group of 5. A simulated investigation will take place to allow participants to go through the process and be confident of the procedures that must be followed.

You can reach Sam Stevens at (250) 248-1602 or if you have any question about this training or you wish to register for this training.

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