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It is no easy task to serve your community while navigating the evolving system of laws and policies within which first nation communities must function. Your community wants to be proactive while ensuring that your decisions comply with the law.

Think of Stevens & Co. as your in-house counsel

This is where Stevens & Co. comes in. Your first nation government or organization needs different types of services ranging from treaty implementation, to constitutional development, or writing by-laws under the Indian Act and other federal or provincial legislation as they affect Indians and Indian lands.

You are seeking competent professionals to help your self-governing First Nation looking to expand, update or create departmental policies for:
  • human resources
  • housing
  • property
  • education
  • membership
  • health
  • lands and resources
  • elections
  • finance

You want to develop formal codes of conduct, oaths of office and other declarations to reflect your traditions and law.

Your staff or community could benefit from indigenous-inspired conflict resolution processes and other controlled group facilitation through a Circle Approach.

You feel that your whole office or community could improve their awareness and decision-making through workshops tailored to matters of importance to you.

Or you are looking for seasoned advice in government-to-government relations, including help with the negotiation and administration of government funding agreements.

First Nation Businesses and Economic Development

Your first nation, economic development corporation and businesses can rely on Stevens & Co to help you choose the appropriate corporate structures. This includes setting up share structures, shareholder agreements, maintaining corporate records (resolutions, minutes, etc.) and customizing corporate by-laws. You want a law firm familiar with the complexities of on- and off-reserve operations.

Think of Stevens & Co as a Native-owned law firm supporting our first nation governments and organizations.


This is not intended to be legal advice. Please consult a lawyer for specifics.

Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act

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