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What To Do If You Lost Your Job Due To COVID-19?

Posted:  Jul 15, 2021
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in places all across the world, and British Columbia is no exception. With many business unable to operate or experiencing significantly reduced revenues, some companies in the province have been cutting personnel costs through layoffs and closures. Almost half of all households in B.C. have lost at least one income, with many more worried that...

What to Do When you Lose your Job to Wrongful Dismissal

Posted:  Jul 5, 2021
Employees need to know their legal rights when it comes to a job dismissal. If you feel you were let go due to a case of ‘wrongful dismissal’, you need a professional lawyer who has your best interests in mind. In fact, the law can protect you if you have been wrongfully dismissed from your job. Under Canadian law, all employees, excluding managers, who have worked continuously for 1 year for...

What Happens if a Will is Misplaced?

Posted:  Jun 24, 2021
Writing a will is never an easy task, but certainly necessary where loved ones are concerned. The most responsible and considerate action you can take is to have your will written up and signed so you know your executor will have a less complicated time dealing with your affairs after you’re gone.However, what if a will has been misplaced and the executor is unable to locate the original copy of a...

Why You Should Write Your Will with Stevens & Company Law

Posted:  Jun 17, 2021
For instance, a legal will affords you the opportunity to make sure your children or spouse will be cared for. And it needn’t be a time-consuming or complicated process. In fact, drawing up a will empowers you to designate who receives your valuables.There are countless good reasons why you need a will. Here are our Vancouver Island law firm’s top three:You must state in a legal will how you ...

How You Can Save Time & Money When Making an Estate Claim

Posted:  May 28, 2021
Bearing the burden of perplexing legalese involved in settling the will and estate of a deceased person can give anyone a headache. Add the harsh realities of grieving the loss of a loved one and your stress level can easily go off the charts.   Fortunately, you can remain on track and honour the person who chose you to be responsible for their estate by being prepared. Knowing how...
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