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The Importance of Corporate Lawyers for a Healthy Functioning Business

Posted:  Apr 30, 2021
New company start-ups involve a substantial amount of work to get the new business up and running. In addition, entrepreneurs wishing to expand a business in accordance with legal requirements have a great deal of work ahead. Fortunately, with the expertise of a corporate lawyer, business owners can be confident they receive sufficient legal assistance to protect their new business or take it...

Choose Stevens & Company Law to Submit Your Indian Day School Survivor Claim

Posted:  Apr 26, 2021
Stevens & Company Law provides a number of services to those filing their claim as part of the ongoing Canada-wide class action lawsuit seeking financial compensation for Indian Day School Survivors. Before deciding whether or not to make a claim as an Indian Day School Survivor, potential claimants should be aware of the eligibility requirements detailed below.  All attendees of Ind...

The Importance of Using a Real Estate Lawyer when Buying/Selling a Home

Posted:  Apr 13, 2021
Buying and selling real estate can be both worrying and incredibly rewarding. With large sums of money involved, you don’t want to risk making an expensive mistake. An experienced Real Estate Lawyer can help you invest in or sell real estate confidently and mitigate any of the risks involved.   There are numerous legal matters concerning real estate transactions which realtors cann...

Top Reasons Why You Need a Will

Posted:  Mar 22, 2021
Our lives have changed drastically as a result of COVID-19. At the same time, law offices are receiving requests from clients to revise or draw up new estate plans. However, many people still procrastinate when it comes to writing a will. Although most of us do not want to think about death or what it means to family and friends left behind, writing your will is critical. For instance,...

How COVID-19 has Affected Immigration in Canada

Posted:  Mar 1, 2021
The majority of Canadians are aware of how the coronavirus has affected travel around the globe. The worldwide pandemic has likewise affected Canadian citizenship, passport services, and immigration as well.     In addition to travel restrictions announced by the Prime Minister, health authorities have dispensed restrictions and guidance that have unfortunately cons...
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