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Age Discrimination

As baby boomers grow older our workforce will have the highest percentage of workers older than 60 than ever before. Coupled with the fact that there is a growing trend of workers who are retiring later in life (75 and beyond), BC has had a statistically higher percentage of older adults in the workforce. Employers and aging employees can both expect challenges.

While we believe that employers should appreciate and respect the experience and reliability that older workers can provide, there are some work environments that do not agree and engage in conduct that tends to discourage and force out older workers. Stereotypes such as older workers being less productive, having more absences due to poor or failing health, making more mistakes are a few of the challenges that both employers and employees face.

Age discrimination is not a new phenomenon and might happen when older workers are demoted or terminated in favor of younger, less qualified and more often cheaper alternatives. At Stevens & Company we are committed to helping older workers achieve the respect and recognition they deserve, through litigation if necessary. We are experienced in age discrimination claims and can help you.

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