What To Do If You Lost Your Job Due To COVID-19?

Posted:  Jul 15, 2021
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in places all across the world, and British Columbia is no exception. With many business unable to operate or experiencing significantly reduced revenues, some companies in the province have been cutting personnel costs through layoffs and closures. Almost half of all households in B.C. have lost at least one income, with many more worried that they too may lose their employment as a result of the pandemic. 

Understanding what to do in the event that you or a family member is laid off is important in preparing you and your family in a worst case scenario. Knowing what your options are with regards to layoffs also helps in reducing stress and anxiety, something that is critical in unprecedented times like these. 

Make a Plan 

Preparing for possible layoffs or loss of income is the best way to reduce the financial fallout it can cause. Some families in B.C. have opted to downsize their homes due to job loss, while others have opted to move back in with their parents to reduce the financial burdens associated with mortgages or rent. If you are still employed or haven't felt any major financial impacts from the pandemic, it is a good idea to save more of your money than you otherwise might. Having a rainy day fund can make all the difference if you lose your job and/or your income. 

Analyze the Situation 

It's natural to worry about the short-term implications that losing your job can have on you and your family. While you will naturally have to focus on these issues, it's also a good strategy to do some longer-term thinking about where you are in life and your current career path. Losing your job is without a doubt a stressful and undesirable experience, but it can also be an opportunity for you to examine what your true priorities are and how you can best achieve them. For some this might mean switching careers, while for others it might mean moving to a new city or province to pursue their long term goals. 

Use the Resources at Your Disposal 

Several benefits are available to Canadians who have recently lost their job, and in some cases these benefits have been expanded as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these benefits, like Employment Insurance (EI), are limited to those who have been laid off and meet other eligibility requirements. Other benefits, including the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) are available to those who have lost income for reasons related to COVID-19, including those who may still have their jobs. For comprehensive information about these benefits, visit the Government of Canada website

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