What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

Posted:  Jan 15, 2021

Canada is one of the most desirable countries to discover and immigrate. We are one of the most inclusive countries in the world and we embrace multiculturalism. Canadians are also afforded access to universal healthcare.

Undoubtedly, with our growing economy and tech industry, it’s understandable why people want to settle here and raise their families. Nevertheless, the immigration process can be lengthy and daunting. That’s why hiring an Immigration Lawyer offers an excellent chance for making that dream a reality for many.

Let’s find out exactly what immigration lawyers do.

1.    The requirements of immigrants in regard to Canadian law can be impossible to navigate for newcomers. Canadian immigrants receive valuable legal representation from an Immigration Lawyer regarding both personal and business matters. This can make the path through immigration much less worrisome.

2.    Immigration lawyers are allowed to attend immigration interviews with potential candidates. Therefore, he or she is able to advocate for an individual’s application in a court of law in Canada in the event that the application is brought under legal review.

3.    An Immigration Lawyer can keep candidates informed of the most current, relevant information in regard to his or her human rights and obligations as a Canadian immigrant.

4.    An experienced legal professional assists in the preparation of paperwork. This includes birth certificates, employment certificates, marriage licenses, and other pertinent application forms. That way, nothing gets overlooked in the immigration process.

5.    Many Immigration Lawyers specialize in assisting foreign individuals with Work Permits, Study Permits, Visitor Visas, Permanent Residency, and more.

6.    Legal counsel with an Immigration Lawyer can provide legal consultation to both individuals and small businesses interested in coming to Canada to live, work, or study.

7.    He or she may also help in the legal requirements for an extended visit to Canada.

8.    He or she may also assist in the application progression for Canadian Permanent Residency.

9.    A professional Immigration Lawyer is also capable of helping an individual with sponsorship of a family member.

10.  In addition, and Immigration Lawyer may assist people seeking a claim for Refugee Protection.

In fact, there are numerous scenarios where an Immigration Lawyer can help a newcomer to Canada, whether temporary or permanent.

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