Claims Period is now Open for a New Drinking Water Settlement

Posted:  May 10, 2022

The Canadian Courts have now approved a Settlement between Canada and certain First Nations and their members who were subject to a drinking water advisory that lasted at least one year between November 20, 1995, and June 20, 2021. 

The Settlement includes compensation for Impacted First Nations and eligible individuals as well as commitments to fund the construction, operation, and maintenance of infrastructure needed to provide regular access to safe drinking water in their homes.  

The $8 billion Settlement includes:  

  • $1.8 billion in compensation to individuals and Impacted First Nations; 
  • An additional $50 million for eligible individuals who experienced Specified Injuries due to drinking water advisories that lasted at least one year between November 20, 1995, and June 20, 2021;  
  • $6 billion to support construction, upgrading, operation, and maintenance of water infrastructure on  First Nations land 
  • A renewed commitment to Canada’s Action Plan for the lifting of all long-term Drinking Water Advisories;  
  • Planned modernization of Canada’s First Nations drinking water legislation 
  • The creation of a First Nations Advisory Committee on Safe Drinking Water; and  
  • Support for First Nations to develop their own safe drinking water by-laws and initiatives.  

Canada has agreed to make all reasonable efforts to support the removal of long-term drinking water advisories and will spend at least $6 billion by March 31, 2030, to implement this commitment by funding the actual cost of construction, upgrading, operation, and maintenance of water infrastructure in First Nations communities.  

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