How You Can Save Time & Money When Making an Estate Claim

Posted:  May 28, 2021

Bearing the burden of perplexing legalese involved in settling the will and estate of a deceased person can give anyone a headache. Add the harsh realities of grieving the loss of a loved one and your stress level can easily go off the charts.


Fortunately, you can remain on track and honour the person who chose you to be responsible for their estate by being prepared. Knowing how can reduce your stress load and give you, and everyone around you, peace of mind.


Here we discuss some ways that you can save time and money when making an Estate Claim.


1.    First of all, recognize your distinct responsibilities as Executor. You will be tasked with distributing the estate to beneficiaries and protecting any property left behind. You may be required to contact insurance companies and pay debts owed. You will be required to make funeral arrangements and many other financial undertakings. Hiring an experienced lawyer will go a long way in saving you time with legal papers and help avoid making expensive mistakes.

2.    Remember, you do not have to administer an estate on your own! Once you have the will and documents, hire an experienced Estate Lawyer to guide you through legal steps and avoid costly errors. Having a lawyer by your side to help answer questions from impatient beneficiaries will greatly reduce your worries and time spent trying to solve problems on your own.

3.    A lawyer can further assist you in verifying the will, preventing delays in the event that anyone objects to its legitimacy.

4.    Do not make the mistake of not ordering enough death certificates. Executors are often caught by surprise by the shear number of requests for a copy—from government agencies, banks, and Veterans Affairs Canada. Avoid delays and time wasted by ordering more without delay.

5.    Hire an experienced tax professional as well to assist you with the completion of the final tax return and other investment items that may come up. Pay taxes and debts owed ahead of due dates to avoid wasting money on interest charges. 

7.    Maintain clear notes from the very beginning. A simple notebook can help you keep track of all expenditures, receipts, and notes from everyone. Further make note of any other assets, such as artwork and real estate if there is not a list already. Do not waste time digging through messy piles of paperwork. Write down all debits and credits to save money on lawyer fees.

8.    Lastly, save time wasted in heated arguments by having straightforward answers and notes written down should anyone question your motives. This can be a valuable reference when you need to be accountable to financial institutions and beneficiaries.


There is no doubt about it that the role of Executor is a tough one. However, the responsibilities are mitigated when you get organized. Fortified with these guidelines, you can move forward fearlessly with confidence that you can get the job done with impartiality and openness to all concerned.

Our team of lawyers and legal experts here at Stevens & Company Law Corporation are here to help you navigate the waters of making an estate claim. We can further help save you time and money and avoid pricey litigation from unsavoury individuals. Get in touch with us today. Your satisfaction makes our professionals happy.


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