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Posted:  Dec 9, 2019

Most family members avoid talking about writing a will like the plague. Although it may be unpleasant to contemplate the end of ones’ life, it will indeed happen to every single living being on the planet. Planning ahead for the inevitable in this case shouldn’t be ignored.

Preparing a will can be a satisfying task to complete for several reasons. Primarily, this critical piece of paper gives you the assurance that your loved ones’ needs are taken care of in the event of your death. In addition, a well-written will allows you control over how to assign your assets and important items to loved ones, friends, and even charities you support.

Almost everyone should have a will. Otherwise, who would decide how to distribute property or name guardians for children? Your written will allows your voice to be heard after you pass away.

The importance of a will cannot be understated. What could happen if you fail to have a final will upon your demise?

·         The government of your province may proceed with distributing your assets, likely not in the manner you desire.

·         If you do not have a spouse or close relative, your property may all go to the provincial government, leaving your companion or favourite charity out in the cold.

·         Conflict among family members arguing over your property and assets could result in damaging emotional turmoil and destroyed relationships.

·         The stress of guessing how to distribute your assets and going through your papers can intensify the grief experience for those concerned.

·         Your children may be left without guardianship or available finances.

·         The lack of a will may create conflict and speculation over what you ‘would have’ wanted, prolonging the resolution of painful circumstances.

·         Grief-stricken family may dissolve into fighting over your possessions.

·         Your property and money may be left to an ex-spouse.

·         Your loved ones may not be capable of footing the funeral arrangements if they’re unaware of your final wishes.

·         Administering your estate may become longer and ultimately more expensive without the direction of a will.

·         If you leave this world without a will that details a trust for young children, the provincial government can hold any property you leave them until they are of age.

Avoid these mistakes. A will leaves little room for misunderstandings about your last wishes. Having a will completed for the care of your loved ones will do your heart good.

If you feel you’ve not properly prepared for the future, Stevens & Company can assist. Although you don’t require a lawyer to draw up a will, our professionals can help if you have a complicated family or financial situation. Hiring a lawyer to write your will is the soundest method to having your wishes respected.

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