Why You Should File Your Indian Day School Survivor Claim With Stevens & Company Law

Posted:  Jul 26, 2021

Stevens & Company Law provides a number of services to those filing their claim as part of the ongoing Canada-wide class action lawsuit seeking financial compensation for Indian Day School Survivors. Before deciding whether or not to make a claim, potential claimants should be aware that they must meet certain eligibility requirements before being able to participate in this process.

Those who attended Indian Day Schools in Canada during any time from 1920 until their closure may be eligible for financial compensation. As part of the settlement agreement with the Government of Canada, a minimum $10,000 is set aside for those that experienced trauma and harm while attending an Indian Day School. Those who were abused physically or sexually whilst attending may receive additional funds of up to $200,000 if eligible. 

Stevens & Company Law is an Indigenous-owned law firm with over $2.1 million in submitted claims for compensation on behalf of members of the Indigenous community. We understand deeply the effects of trauma and abuse at residential and Indian Day Schools have on Indigenous individuals and communities. 

This is why we are committed to providing legal representation to those who need it most, so we may heal together and help victims receive the compensation that they are entitled to. That is also why we only charge 5% of awarded compensation for our services - significantly less than many other law firms. This 5% fee fully covers the cost of our services in representing and assisting victims in filing their claims, including time, resources and expenses. 

Sam Stevens, founder of Stevens & Company Law, has been a practicing lawyer 1984 and will be handling all Indian Day School settlement claims. Sam, an Elder of the Annishnawbeg Nation, provides valuable insight and experience into these cases and for survivors seeking compensation.

Sam Stevens and the team of lawyers and legal professionals at Stevens & Company Law are dedicated to helping all Indian Day School survivors file their claims. We are honoured to work with survivors as we help them secure the financial compensation that they are entitled to. 

For further information on how we can help you submit your claim, as well as additional information on the other legal services we provide, please call us toll-free at 1-877-248-8220 or email us at


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