How COVID-19 has Affected Immigration in Canada

Posted:  Mar 1, 2021

The majority of Canadians are aware of how the coronavirus has affected travel around the globe. The worldwide pandemic has likewise affected Canadian citizenship, passport services, and immigration as well.  


In addition to travel restrictions announced by the Prime Minister, health authorities have dispensed restrictions and guidance that have unfortunately constrained the processing of applications.


There are several other ways how COVID-19 has affected immigration in Canada.


·       Patience and persistence are the two words of the day for anyone wishing to move permanently to Canada. For individuals who have yet to apply to immigrate to Canada, the Canadian government is still accepting most permanent resident applications. However, the review and processing time can no longer be estimated. Additionally, priority is being given to vulnerable groups, permanent residents and Canadians returning here, and work permits for essential services workers.

·        Express Entry applicants may suffer delays in the process due to a backlog of applications because of COVID-19. A timeline will be available online at a later date.

·       In the instance of people missing documents due to the pandemic, such as passports or medical examinations, applicants will receive an additional 90 days to send in documents from the deadline in the request letter. No applications in progress will be closed or refused during this time.

·       Language tests have started back up. People may take a language test contingent on the region of testing, designated testing organization, and the language in question. Applicants should check for up-to-date information about testing in his or her region.

·       People affected by travel restrictions who wish to withdraw a permanent resident application may do so by filling in a web form. Refunds will be issued if the government has not begun processing and the application is withdrawn within 24 hours of submission.

·       In the case someone has already been approved and currently resides outside of Canada, he or she may not come to Canada as a permanent resident at this time. However, individuals may possibly be allowed to come if exempt from travel restrictions.


Anyone wanting to immigrate to Canada is urged to keep informed about changing restrictions and guidelines throughout the application process. Being able and willing to adapt can only bring people closer to attaining that goal.


Canada relies on immigration for demographic and economic growth. Indeed, immigration and multiculturalism has made Canada a wonderful place to live. Although COVID-19 has slowed down the immigration process in Canada, applications are being handled as quickly as possible. Eventually, immigrants will be welcome once again to help rebuild our economy and enrich our communities in a post-pandemic world.



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