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Posted:  May 6, 2020

Legal complexities can be a cause of great frustration for the average person. Struggling to make sense of legal jargon is truly time-consuming. In addition, constantly changing policies and laws can intensify that sense of confusion and leave you feeling lost and frustrated.

However, no one has to go through the maze of the law alone. Fortunately, our professional and knowledgeable team at Stevens & Company Law has your back.

Our office provides several essential First Nations Services:

  • First Nations economic development plans
  • Development of formal codes of conduct
  • Assistance with effective Aboriginal governance
  • Professional legal advice in conducting business with other governing bodies
  • Negotiations and administration of government funding agreements
  • Legal counsel for all types of First Nations organizations
  • Treaty implementation
  • Constitutional development
  • Assistance with the development of by-laws under the Indian Act
  • Further development of by-laws under other federal or provincial legislation
  • Human resources departmental policies
  • Housing and property policy development and expansion
  • Health and education updates and policies
  • Support with the legalities of elections
  • Legal aid in regard to financial expansion and strategies
  • Membership updates and guidelines
  • Land and resource guidelines and procedures
  • Conflict resolution by means of the Circle Approach
  • Tailored workshops for your office or community to increase awareness and facilitate decision-making on important matters
  • Legal assistance in the selection of suitable corporate structures
  • Help with the implementation of shareholder agreements
  • Customization of corporate by-laws and record maintenance
  • Assist First Nations businesses in running both on and off-reserve operations

Your community deserves effective, proactive governance with transparency. Our team can help you understand and navigate the complex laws and policy development. 

Feel supported and understood—contact our First Nations owned law firm to help with your concerns today. We have you covered.

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