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Separation Agreements

Linda can help you address the fundamental issues regarding your separation.

Two peoples’ economic lives are entangled after a relationship and the two strands need to be separated and relied upon to build their new lives.

Stevens & Co can help you determine who stays in the primary residence? When and how will property be sold? Who is entitled to family savings, RRSP’s and pensions? Who pays the debts? How much child support and spousal support, if any, should be paid?

Linda can assist by providing legal advice as your advocate and negotiating on your behalf with your spouse’s lawyer, or she can assist by acting as a Mediator for both parties, guiding you to a reasonable solution.

The best interests of the children are paramount and at a time when everything seems to be falling apart, Linda can help you establish priorities and make decisions with all the facts and jurisprudence you need to convince your former spouse and his or her lawyer.

Linda can help you as a mediator working with you and your former partner or she can work with your lawyers and each of the parties. Other forms of mediation have different arrangements, such as shuttle mediation where the mediator moves between two parties who are in different rooms or locations.

The normal emotional states associated with separation are depression, anger, sadness, and none of these make decision-making easy, but life changing decisions need to be made at some point. Your home, your income, and your future are all impacted and it’s important to make these life-changing decisions with someone at your side who is skilled, knowledgeable, and understanding.

As a mediator, Linda can work directly with you and your separating spouse to create a separation agreement that will safely resolve your concerns. In approximately two to six sessions, you will work with Linda’s assistance to resolve both practical and legal issues related to parenting, support and division of property and debt. Linda can also mediate one or two discrete issues that you aren't able to resolve on your own.

Linda will ensure that you have a safe, healthy environment where you and your separating spouse can communicate so that agreements reached are binding and long-lasting. If you choose to jointly retain Linda as a mediator, her hourly rate is typically shared equally between the two of you, unless you agree differently, and this makes mediation a very affordable option.

To learn more about Linda’s mediation services, contact us by phone or email.

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