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Mediation vs. Arbitration

Posted:  Mar 10, 2020
Our professionals at Stevens & Company have witnessed many individuals who do not understand the difference between mediation and arbitration. Both are a means of conflict resolution but when you compare and contrast the two, it becomes clear how they are very distinct legal procedures.  Moreover, the two methods of resolving conflicts have different objectives. MEDIATION The mediation...

The Registered Difference

Posted:  Feb 3, 2020
We are well into a new year and a new decade. While most of us would like to leave the hardships of the past behind, sometimes negative circumstances follow us into the present. That doesn’t mean we should give up on determining the best solutions to our adversities going forward. Choosing mediation is a wise alternative as opposed to advancing into a stressful, and possibly lengthy, court battle...

A New Slate

Posted:  Jan 15, 2020
The holidays can be a wonderful and relaxing time of year. Occasions spent celebrating with family and friends can be a welcome reward for a year of hard work and discipline. However, there is a darker side of the holidays that may deliver a great deal of additional dread and stress. But wait, how can you avoid repeating the mistakes from last year and clear a new slate for 2020? First of all, th...

Prepare & Prevent

Posted:  Dec 9, 2019
Most family members avoid talking about writing a will like the plague. Although it may be unpleasant to contemplate the end of ones’ life, it will indeed happen to every single living being on the planet. Planning ahead for the inevitable in this case shouldn’t be ignored. Preparing a will can be a satisfying task to complete for several reasons. Primarily, this critical piece of paper giv...

The Importance of Mediation

Posted:  Nov 6, 2019
Mediation is a valuable chance to resolve conflicts between two parties and avoid a nerve-wracking experience in court. There is significant benefit to going the route of mediation over alternative dispute resolution options. Number one is avoiding a costly, often traumatic, court encounter. In fact, a mediator offers assistance to both parties by settling a dispute in a fair and equitabl...
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