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Posted:  Sep 20, 2019

Purchasing a big-ticket item, such as a new home, can be both an exciting and an extremely stressful time. In a real estate transaction, you want to be informed and avoid any unexpected surprises that can make things go sideways. Hiring an experienced real estate lawyer can offer you a clear picture of the entire process and provide you with valuable resources that deliver you more efficiently to your real estate goals, whatever they may be. We also have the tools to help you along the way, so you don’t have to spend valuable time searching them out yourself.

Stevens & Company Law invests the time and effort to ensure your transaction goes as smooth and efficient as possible. We’re also here to assist you in understanding the process and can make your experience much more comfortable.

Undeniably, hiring a real estate lawyer to assist you can protect your interests in several ways. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, a real estate lawyer will have your back through the intricacies of buying and selling. They can even assist with a refinancing situation. With due attention and skill, we ensure your personal and commercial interests are protected, even in joint ventures.  You certainly don’t want to leave zoning considerations or securing finances up to your own inexperience.

With a background of over 20 years in real estate law, Lisa Holmgren is someone you can depend on to protect your property investment. She helps purchasers, sellers, and lenders in residential real estate matters. She can also assist you with any legal transactions that may occur when buying or selling a recreational property or home.

Clients select Stevens real estate law for experience and assistance in several ways, from preparing documents like Register Transfer of Title and Property Transfer Tax to reviewing the Contract of Purchase and Sale. There may also be questions regarding land use and environmental considerations—we ensure we have you covered.

Furthermore, if you’re purchasing real estate in British Columbia, but you reside in another province, the real estate laws vary from province to province. Understanding the complexities of these laws are surely better left to a knowledgeable real estate lawyer.

Certainly, if you’re making a large investment in your future, you’re hoping that investment turns out to be a positive one. Unfortunately, not all real estate transactions are successful. If it comes to litigation, we can represent you in contract and title disputes too. We can assist in the case of foreclosures or issues with joint ventures. We’re here when you really need property advice.

Don’t leave Canadian real estate law up to the other party involved. A professional real estate lawyer can guide you through the tax rules, ownership restrictions, land registry, finance and banking regulations, and so much more. We deliver peace of mind and legal assistance, so you needn’t go through a real estate transaction alone.


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