The Importance of Mediation

Posted:  Nov 6, 2019

Mediation is a valuable chance to resolve conflicts between two parties and avoid a nerve-wracking experience in court. There is significant benefit to going the route of mediation over alternative dispute resolution options. Number one is avoiding a costly, often traumatic, court encounter.

In fact, a mediator offers assistance to both parties by settling a dispute in a fair and equitable manner and often delivers more understanding over a misunderstanding. Ultimately, effective workplace or familial mediation may rescue personal and professional relationships.

Stevens & Company offers excellent mediation legal services to help anyone through a tricky situation.

Chiefly, mediation is less costly than regular litigation. Preparation for mediation is easier, more affordable, and can often be completed more efficiently. There will also be no court filing fees or related expenses.

Mediation can help resolve conflict and tensions. This can help both parties come to a mutually understood resolution. Opinions can be separated from facts in the process. Undeniably, it benefits both parties to determine what is important and to voice his or her concerns in a safe, neutral atmosphere.

Mediation results in a resolution much faster than heading to court. This saves all parties time and money lost in missed work.

Mediation is less stressful than a court visit. The meeting is more informal, often taking place in an office of the mediator. It’s also private and prevents your circumstances from being revealed to the public. Although lawsuits are matters of public record, mediation may be kept confidential by agreement.

A more successful solution for both parties may be achieved through mediation. Alternatively, pursuing a claim in court often leads to a win-lose result. Furthermore, mediation negates the enormous costs and emotional losses of litigation.

Individuals are involved in the negotiating process with a neutral mediator. This imparts each person with more control in reaching an acceptable agreement.

An experienced mediator can assist you in your negotiations. He or she may also explore alternative solutions that may not have been previously considered. This can lead to a quicker, more equally satisfying conclusion for participants.

The evidence is clear—there are several important motives to pursue mediation. Choosing this option can lead to the empowerment of all concerned without any adverse outcomes. Our professional mediator, Linda King, understands the importance of expert mediation. She works hard on your behalf to bring a less adversarial methodology to conflict resolutions.



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