The Registered Difference

Posted:  Feb 3, 2020

We are well into a new year and a new decade. While most of us would like to leave the hardships of the past behind, sometimes negative circumstances follow us into the present. That doesn’t mean we should give up on determining the best solutions to our adversities going forward.

Choosing mediation is a wise alternative as opposed to advancing into a stressful, and possibly lengthy, court battle. However, selecting the right mediator for dispute resolution is essential for arriving at a successful conclusion. A registered mediator can make a major difference.

For example, a general mediator may not have the expertise or valuable experience when compared with a registered mediator. This can result in a disappointing outcome for you and your loved ones. Therefore, how do you select the right mediator to suit your requirements?

Primarily, you should evaluate his or her credentials. Indeed, there are numerous benefits to hiring a registered mediator and having his or her knowledge at your disposal.

  1. Expert mediation is a finely honed skilled. As with anything, the act of mediating also improves with experience. Consequently, it benefits you to have a creditable, experienced mediator who has completed a variety of courses and training to become registered in British Columbia.
  2. Additionally, a registered mediator likely has the experience specific to what you require. If you hire a general mediator inexperienced in the type of mediation you’re seeking, both parties may be left without a satisfying resolution.
  3. A mediator’s style and personality should put everyone at ease. An untrained mediator could come across as both unprofessional and confrontational. No one should be caused discomfort in the course of mediation.
  4. A professionally trained mediator schedules the time necessary to meet with both parties ahead of time. He or she will read pre-mediation statements and carve out appropriate days for resolution. A novice may not have the time to bother or know-how to provide necessary arrangements.
  5. An untrained mediator could end up costing you time, money, and a satisfying resolution to a dispute.

There are also several types of mediation to help resolve stressful circumstances:

  1. Small business disputes.
  2. Family disputes.
  3. Civil disputes.
  4. Personal disputes.

Steven’s & Company offers reputable and neutral mediation for several types of legal issues. If you require further information, please contact us today. We’re here to help you travel a smoother road, leave the past behind, and embrace a happy future.

Article written by Tara Panrucker
Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

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