10 Benefits of Mediation

Posted:  Aug 9, 2019

Mediation is a primary alternative to heading to court through the process of resolving disputes between two parties. A mediator meets with individuals caught up in the dispute to talk, often in an informal setting, and work toward a mutually satisfying settlement.

Unquestionably, emotions can run high when problems arise, escalating out of control, thereby making it difficult to deliberate issues in a calm and effective manner. That’s where a mediator comes in and benefits all concerned in several meaningful ways.

  1. First and foremost, hiring a mediator is affordable and saves expensive court costs.
  2. Avoiding the court system and resolving legal disagreements with a mediator can make issues clearer, as opposed to everyone attempting to understand complex legal jargon in a court of law.
  3. A mediator can help isolate the people from the problem, thus preserving relationships that could be damaged in a court battle. Grievances can be aired in a calm manner with a mediator present to separate individual’s views from the issue at hand.
  4. Scheduling mediation will take a lot less time than waiting for a court date.
  5. A mediator can teach everyone valuable communication and problem-solving skills for future relations.
  6. Mediation can be much less intimidating than a court appearance. Therefore, the individuals involved may feel more comfortable openly communicating their side and ultimately, result in less stress for everyone.
  7. With the mediation process, you are much more engaged in determining a solution that works for you.
  8. Where privacy is concerned, mediation can’t be beat. The details of a dispute and resulting resolution are not open to public scrutiny, unlike a public trial. Therefore, you can avoid damaging gossip from outside sources with confidential mediation.
  9. Regarding court, one party may be ordered to participate unwillingly, such as in the case of a subpoena. However, in the case of mediation, one party may choose not to participate, and an agreement cannot be imposed without the consent of both parties. The power therefore belongs to both participants, not the court system.
  10. Effective mediation can be a remarkably positive experience. Whereas a lawsuit can permanently destroy relationships, in addition to destroying people financially, mediation facilitates conflict resolution and preserve relationships. Mediation may further preserve your finances and effect a deeper understanding between parties involved, thus protecting everyone’s interests. 

Undoubtedly, mediation offers a win-win solution to any type of dispute using a less adversarial approach. If you or someone you know are experiencing a challenging situation, whether a wrongful dismissal, commercial claim, or family problem, mediation can be immensely beneficial. It gives you the opportunity to negotiate a solid resolution so you can move forward with the rest of your life.

Individuals seeking mediation can reach out to our office at Steven’s & Company Law for professional assistance in resolving legal issues without going to court. 


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