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How to Uncouple Peacefully

Posted:  Jun 16, 2020
Contemplating a divorce is a serious undertaking, not to be taken lightly. A happy marriage is a union most couples strive to achieve. Unfortunately, not all marriages result in a ‘happily ever after’. Nonetheless, is there such a thing as a ‘happy divorce’? Remarkably, yes. While emotions may run high when partners decide to call it quits, it’s necessary to separate with minimal damage. Relation...

We’ve Got Your Back

Posted:  May 6, 2020
Legal complexities can be a cause of great frustration for the average person. Struggling to make sense of legal jargon is truly time-consuming. In addition, constantly changing policies and laws can intensify that sense of confusion and leave you feeling lost and frustrated.However, no one has to go through the maze of the law alone. Fortunately, our professional and knowledgeable team at Stevens...

Our COVID-19 Office Policies

Posted:  Apr 14, 2020
Our COVID-19 Office Policies:We are currently scheduling all legal consultations and new client appointments to be over the phone or via video conference for matters pertaining to Estate, Employment, Family, First Nations and Corporate Law. Call 250-248-8220 or send us a message to schedule a telephone or virtual appointment. We are taking all new Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care...

What You Need to Know about Layoffs

Posted:  Mar 27, 2020
An Angus Reid Institute survey released on March 26, 2020 confirmed what many of us are feeling around financial and job security: nearly half of Canadians say that they or someone in their household have lost hours due to the economic downturn, while 66% of survey respondents say they received no compensation for the lost hours of work. Though we are witnessing the power of ingenuity as work...

Am I allowed to refuse work if I believe I am at risk of COVID-19?

Posted:  Mar 27, 2020
In short: You can refuse work, but you need to follow specific steps, and you may still have to show up for your shift. In BC, the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations dictate occupational health and safety requirements for workplaces and protect workers and other persons present at workplaces from work-related risks to their health, safety, and well-being. These regulations govern mo...
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